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Madly grateful for delicious food, and most importantly - useful!

Answer: We are glad that you liked everything.

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Thank you for delicious and healthy food, now my workouts are even more effective.

Answer: Trying for you:)

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With the gym and this useful food, I managed very quickly to get myself in order.

Answer: Happy for your successes!

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Every time I am surprised at such a fast delivery. Thank you!

Answer: Trying to be the best!

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Everything is fine! Thank you! I will definitely order more.

Answer:Thanks for your feedback!

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Delayed delivery for an hour, but the food arrived delicious.

Answer: Next time we'll be quicker :)

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We arrived without change, although the order indicated that it was required.

Answer: Sorry for the inconvenience :c

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The food is uniquely delicious and healthy. I will order more.

Answer: Thanks for your feedback!