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Herbal concentrate has toning properties and is an obligatory component of a balanced breakfast. The natural product is used to maintain the drinking regime, purification and activity of the body. Herbal drink consists of a complex of 7 phytocomponents and three fragrant flavors (invigorating lemon, sweet raspberries and classic green tea), which contribute to improving well-being, increasing work capacity and limiting the consumption of sugar. Regular consumption of the extract of green tea, saturated with antioxidants will not only increase the daily norm of the liquid being drunk, but also significantly strengthen immunity.

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Madly grateful for delicious food, and most importantly - useful!

Answer: We are glad that you liked everything.

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Thank you for delicious and healthy food, now my workouts are even more effective.

Answer: Trying for you:)

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With the gym and this useful food, I managed very quickly to get myself in order.

Answer: Happy for your successes!

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Every time I am surprised at such a fast delivery. Thank you!

Answer: Trying to be the best!

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Everything is fine! Thank you! I will definitely order more.

Answer:Thanks for your feedback!

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Delayed delivery for an hour, but the food arrived delicious.

Answer: Next time we'll be quicker :)

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We arrived without change, although the order indicated that it was required.

Answer: Sorry for the inconvenience :c

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The food is uniquely delicious and healthy. I will order more.

Answer: Thanks for your feedback!